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A dad discovers that his daughter bullies…
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A dad discovers that his daughter bullies a classmate and he takes the victim shopping instead of his daughter

December 03, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When a parent is told that their child is disrespectful to others and mistreats their peers, many parents defend their child and do not accept being themselves also guilty and responsible, in a certain sense, for such behavior.

However, there are also those parents like Randy who will never let their child be the reason for someone else's suffering.

In fact, when he learned that his daughter Re'Onna was frequently making fun of another schoolgirl, he was not at all happy about it.

via: Yahoo News

When he was a teenager himself, Randy experienced what it feels like being bullied, so he couldn't stand the fact that Re'Onna was doing the same thing to someone else.

To punish her for her rude and offensive behavior, Randy did something that his daughter will remember forever, for better or worse.

Randy knew that his daughter loved shopping more than anything else and decided to use this to his advantage.

Furthermore, Randy had been saving for a while because he wanted to take Re'Onna on a shopping spree. But now he was pretty sure that she did not deserve it.

Instead, Randy decided to spend all the money on clothes for Ryan, the girl his daughter had bullied, naturally, only after obtaining Ryan's mother's consent. Upon learning about this, Re'Onna was initially angry but then she realized that her father was right.

Nevertheless, the hardest part of the shopping spree was that Re'Onna had to be part of it, but only as an eyewitness.

In fact, her father did not buy her anything but she saw all the nice things that were given to Ryan.

Fortunately, Re'Onna has realized that not everyone is as lucky as she is and that bullying can have devastating effects on people. It is known that bullying can crush a child's self-esteem and leave them vulnerable even years after it occurred.


In the end, Ryan and Re'Onna became friends thanks to Randy, who certainly deserves an award and praise for his peremptory and very effective gesture.

By doing this, Ryan wants other parents to know that they should do everything in their power to make their children good people even if it sometimes requires ... desperate measures!


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