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A little girl can no longer keep her…
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A little girl can no longer keep her kitten and leaves a note to those who adopt it "to take care of her"

December 06, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When you are lucky enough to have a pet at home from an early age, be it a dog or a cat, as a child, you develop a special friendship with your pet that you will never forget for the rest of your life.

Taking care of an animal and spending most of your time together at home when you are still very young means accepting your first responsibilities and realizing that you have a faithful friend by your side.

When little Lacey had to say goodbye to her beautiful and beloved female Siamese kitten Violet because, evidently, her parents could no longer allow her to keep her, the little girl wrote a moving message for the future owner.

When Violet arrived at Effingham County Animal Shelter Control, in Illinois, one Monday morning, it was clear enough to the volunteers, that the kitten had lived in a good home and had been well cared for and loved.

"She is very sweet and loves it when you scratch her head," said Michaela Muzzy, one of the volunteer workers.

But to reveal something more about Violet's past, was the sweet note that the kitten had tied to her collar.

Someone had written with a purple pen marker, a short message full of love: ''Goodbye, Vilet. I think that name was chosen just for you. I wish I could keep you. Bye Vilet, I hope you can find a good owner. To the future owner: "Please, take care of her. By the way, I already gave her a name. Thank you! With love, Lacey."

A note that left the refuge volunteers feeling heartbroken because they could understand that this was not just someone who could no longer keep their beloved cat, but that it was also clearly a young child.

By scanning Violet's microchip, the volunteers tried to track down the child and her parents, but to no avail.

They decided, therefore, to publish the photo of Violet and Lacey's moving message on their Facebook page.


No one remained indifferent to that message and that photo but, in particular, a woman named Cindy Murray decided from the first moment that she would be Violet's new owner.

Therefore, Cindy went directly to the animal shelter, even taking a day off work, and that same day she took Violet home with her.

At the animal shelter, the kitten had been frightened and confused, but as soon as Violet set foot in a more homelike environment, she started to feel safe and comfortable again and also proved to be very affectionate.

Cindy would really like to be able to track down that disconsolate little girl, who loved her cat so much, and let her know that everything has turned out fine:

"I thought I'd make a little video for this little girl saying, "Dear Lacey, I adopted your beautiful Violet. She will have a wonderful life, full of delicacies, cuddles, and everything that she needs. "

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