In this moving video, a 4-year-old girl sings a gentle song to comfort her terminally-ill cat -
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In this moving video, a 4-year-old girl…
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In this moving video, a 4-year-old girl sings a gentle song to comfort her terminally-ill cat

January 09, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Pets are among the most significant companions that accompany us in our lives.

Even though they are not human, dogs and cats have the ability to become our best friends and have a special place in our hearts.

Indeed, many people consider their beloved pet to be a member of the family and they are not entirely wrong.

On the other hand, however, animals do not live as long as humans and, consequently, there is a good chance that all those who have or have had a pet have experienced what it means to suffer for their loss, at a certain point.

Coping with the loss of a pet is difficult for everyone, but especially for young children, who encounter this experience for the first time.

Little Abbey is only 4 years old and, despite her young age, has a lot of happy memories, especially those with her beloved tomcat Bailey.

The cat has been a real member of the family for more than 14 years and immediately showed great affection for Abbey from the first moment she was born.

Unfortunately, even for Abbey the fateful moment to say goodbye to her beautiful cat has arrived.

In the video, the little girl holds Bailey in her arms and gently sings a song to comfort him. It is not just any song, but the touching and well-known song "You Are My Sunshine".

A truly moving moment, which testifies to the incredible affection and friendship between a 4-year-old girl and her beloved cat.

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