This young man works two jobs and studies every day in a park to be able to support his wife and two little children -
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This young man works two jobs and studies…
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This young man works two jobs and studies every day in a park to be able to support his wife and two little children


Some people face particularly difficult challenges in life.

For them, during those stressful moments, it is completely normal to think that perhaps they cannot make it, better themselves, or give their best.

And in reality, it is a bit like that for everyone, when we are faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. However, it is precisely on these occasions that the greatest courage is often displayed.

A case in point is Agustin Lorca, a 28-year-old young man from the city of Cordoba in Argentina, who certainly has not had an easy life.

Nevertheless, day by day, he manages to smile and move forward with enormous determination, making him an inspiring example for everyone.

Married and with two young children—a three-year-old boy and a one-year-old baby girl—the young man realized that his life would be an uphill path and that he needed to act immediately.

via: La Voz

Therefore, Agustin rolled up his sleeves and armed himself with perseverance, instead of throwing in the towel, and decided to better himself, while at the same time continuing to maintain his wonderful family.

Consequently, in the early morning, he works at Chateau Park as a maintenance worker. Then, later, in the afternoon, he takes out his books and starts to study right there in the park to pursue his dream of finishing school and becoming an engineer.

And finally, in the evening, Agustin has a second job in a pizzeria. Many people, in his condition, would not have the will power to stick to their goals in such a determined way.

Agustin, however, is truly an outstanding young man because, in spite of everything, he always manages to have a smile on his face.

He has been so impressive, that his employer decided to share Agustin's story with the world, to call attention to one of the many "invisible" situations and people who are "Everyday Heroes" — fighting each and every day for a dignified life, for themselves and their loved ones.

The 28-year-old married young man, in fact, naturally desires for his children, the best possible education and a successful future.

Moreover, the constancy and commitment of this young man have certainly already given him wonderful and unexpected results.

His story, in fact, after having been made known on social media platforms, caught the attention of the University of Cordoba, who contacted Agustin, communicating that the university will be happy to welcome him, once he has completed his high school study program and received his diploma.


Once again—strength and perseverance pay off! And Agustin's personal story proves it.

Moreover, having dreams, setting goals, and having the strength to change, after all, are the things that help a person to walk tall in life and make progress despite all the difficulties.


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