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He drinks his last beer in the hospital…
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He drinks his last beer in the hospital before passing away and in this way, his family fulfills their grandfather's last wish


The loss of a loved one is difficult to bear and, although one is usually prepared for such an event, it is always a blow to the heart to have to say goodbye to a friend or family member forever.

Adam Shemm is a man from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who has decided to publish on his Twitter page the story and photo of the last goodbye he and his brothers gave to give to their grandfather Norbert, who passed away at the age of 87.

The photo shows an elderly man in a hospital bed, who is oddly smiling, surrounded by his grandsons and his wife.

Grandpa Norbert smiles because his last wish before passing away had been fulfilled, namely, to drink one last beer surrounded by the love and affection of his family!

via: BBC

Norbert, an 87-year-old man, passed away due to colon cancer. However, the insidious disease did not stop him from drinking one last beer before saying goodbye to everyone for the last time.

A snapshot that his grandson Adam posted and shared on Twitter and that, quickly, was shared by thousands of other users, provoking reactions and comments of support and compassion.

His grandson probably did not expect a similar reaction on social media. In fact, as Adam said in an interview with the BBC, "The comments were so kind, and I even saw photos of people toasting with bottles of beer in his honor."

The photo immortalized the image of his grandfather smiling and, although, in the beginning, Adam was not convinced it was a good idea to post it on social media, in the end, he did it because, after all, it was a truly beautiful moment.

Furthermore, it is an image that must have comforted Norbert's family a lot: "He's smiling and doing exactly what he wanted."


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