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iPhone 11, PC, a real rabbit, and 4000…
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iPhone 11, PC, a real rabbit, and 4000 dollars is only part of a ten-year-old girl's hilarious Christmas wish list


We often talk about children who, from the earliest age, have parents who give them too much.

Whether those things are expensive games, designer clothes, cutting-edge technological devices, etc., one thing is certain - sometimes, some parents really do exaggerate.

In doing so and encouraging these habits, it is clear that a child, even at just 10 years of age, will feel entitled to ask for more and more, eventually to the point of making the most incredible requests.

This is exactly what happened to the Twitter user A_johnson412, the father of a 10-year-old girl, who delivered her own very special Christmas wish list to her dad ... Let's see what's on the list!

[The girl's image has illustrative purposes only]

via: The Sun

The list starts with an iPhone 11, (new) Macbook Air, Air pods, a Chanel purse, various earrings and jewelry, a GoPro camera - and these are just some of the gifts that the little girl has decided that she wants to receive for Christmas.

Moreover, if this list already seems incredible to you, you will be even more stunned to know that to all this there must also be added essential oils, Gucci slippers, a real rabbit, and an "extra" sum of $4000 USD!

At the sight of the sheet of paper, with its rigorously ordered wish list, decorated with little hearts and other drawings, the child's father could not help but document what was happening.

So, after taking a photo, he decided to post on his social media what his little daughter had just written, adding that his daughter must be "out of her mind".

Was the little girl daydreaming or did she really hope to receive all the things that she had listed? We don't really know what the child was thinking. Certainly, her imagination and her spontaneity are to be commended in full.

An episode that undoubtedly makes you smile but at the same time says a lot about how much certain customs between parents and their children have changed, especially due to the consumer society in which we live ...


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