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He is 90 years old and she is 89 and…
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He is 90 years old and she is 89 and these friends meet again after 70 years and fall happily in love


Every so often one has the opportunity to read some really beautiful and incredible stories, which seem almost like fairy tales.

One of these took place in France and features an elderly 89-year-old woman who falls in love with an ex-boyfriend, 70 years later.

It seems almost impossible, but it's all true! The story was made known on Twitter by the elderly lady's son, Emmanuel Pradal, professor of philosophy in Bergerac, France.

For him, seeing his mother smile again after her husband's death is priceless.

"Do you see this couple? He is 90 years old and she is 89. She is my mother and for me, he is an elderly gentleman who is a friend of mine. They met when they were 17 years old. He was my father's best friend and he introduced my father to my mother one day. My mom and my father immediately fell in love and spent the rest of the day together"- that's how the relationship began.

The son continued to narrate the story: "He, on the other hand, married his mother's cousin and life separated them for 70 long years. He tried several times to get back in touch with her, not knowing that his best friend (my father) had died."

Emmanuel then reported the matter to his mother and the two met again, and they also went to visit his father's tomb together. From that moment on, he started visiting her every week, then twice a week and finally three times a week. "My mother had been grieving for years, but slowly she started to smile again."

image: Unsplash

Emmanuel was shocked to think that the man had always felt much more than just friendship for his mother since he was 17 years old.

"Today he tries to make up for the lost time, but both remain faithful to the memory of their deceased spouses. And yet, they manage to maintain their own incredible relationship."

The son has said that they behave like they are two seventeen-year-olds who have fallen in love. Moreover, now that she is in the hospital, not a day goes by without him visiting her and covering her with attention and gifts.

A beautiful story that reminds us that true love exists and endures over time!

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