This homeless man sleeps embraced by a four-legged angel that never abandons him -
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This homeless man sleeps embraced by…
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This homeless man sleeps embraced by a four-legged angel that never abandons him


The Internet is a huge container of strange and funny photos, but also of other less pleasant and unedifying contents.

The beauty and the ugliness of such a large, and often filter-less, instrument of communication like the Internet, is knowing how to capture the reality of things, both in their harshness and their beauty.

And, it so happens that, from time to time, the speeding train of images flashes by like the faces in the windows of trains, leaving us speechless and inviting us to reflect for a few moments on what are the true values of life.

image: Pixabay

On Instagram, the photo of a sleeping homeless man embraced by a dog is an image that at the same time contains the sadness of poverty, but also the tenderness of love and the light of hope.

As often happens, everyone tends to see what they want, a bit like in a Rorschach Ink Blot test, projecting out what they actually feel inside.

Among the possible readings one cannot help but think that, although it is a representation of poverty and what it can mean to live on the street, that photo conveys an important message.

The man and his young dog sleep and rest peacefully in front of everyone's eyes, one close to the other, giving each other affection and comfort.

In this way, we can see that the stranger is not really alone, and he can count on the unconditional love of a faithful friend that is also a guardian angel without wings but with four sturdy legs.

The dog on his part does not care if his human companion is not rich or if he cannot guarantee him a safe refuge or food - he is and remains there beside his human friend, whatever happens.

A single photograph tells a whole story, or at least, it can be imagined. The details do not matter much, because what you see is what it is worth.

Two souls can be serene and happy together even if everything else is missing, the important thing is that there is between them that mysterious and magnificent bond that gives them strength and confidence, every single day.

The interpretation of this photo is perhaps too romantic or fictional, but it can unquestionably serve as a starting point to learn to understand what respect, empathy, loyalty, and love mean.

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