This brave dog saves his owners' children and is bitten by a poisonous snake -
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This brave dog saves his owners' children…
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This brave dog saves his owners' children and is bitten by a poisonous snake


The protagonist of this story is Zeus, a 9-month-old male pitbull puppy from Sumter in Florida whose story has been posted around the Internet because of his enormous courage in saving the lives of his owners' two little children from a poisonous snake.

Thankfully, the two little ones are safe and sound, but unfortunately, the heroic Zeus didn't make it, after sacrificing himself to remove his beloved little human friends from danger.

A moving story that will not fail to make you appreciate this brave dog and his sense of love and loyalty for his owners.

via: CBS News

The two small children Oriley and Orion of the Richardson family were outside of the house cleaning Zeus's water bowl when suddenly a highly poisonous coral snake approached the two children!

The brave Zeus did not think twice about protecting the little ones with his own life. After being bitten by the coral snake four times, Zeus was immediately transported to the nearest veterinarian, and the family was convinced that he would survive the snake bites.

Instead, to the Richardson family's enormous dismay and sadness, the 9-month-old pit bull didn't make it and died the next day which coincided with little Oriley's birthday ...

Now, the Richardson family, crushed by the pain of the loss of their brave four-legged hero, has opened a GoFundMe campaign to pay the expensive fee for veterinary expenses dedicated to trying to save poor Zeus.

Consequently, many people, and especially dog lovers on the Internet have participated with touching tenderness to help collect the money necessary to pay the veterinary fees.

One thing that we are sure of is that the Richardson family will never forget Zeus and will forever be thankful for the heroic gesture in which he gave his life to save those of the two little children who loved him so much!

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