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When some people just cannot stay awake…
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When some people just cannot stay awake - Look what happens!


Have you ever had to deal with people who are able to fall asleep anywhere and anytime?

If the answer is positive, know that you are in good company, but also that you are also surrounded by just as many people who are not able to take a nap every time they want.

This is a well-known issue, which sometimes even leads to conflicts between couples or friends. Is the conflict caused by the envy of those who cannot sleep or the inconvenience caused by those who can?

Hard to say, the sure thing is that there are people who really manage to amaze everyone with their ability to "sack out" anywhere, at any time.

To illustrate this, we have a photo gallery of hilarious images, which show, in all their peculiarities, people who just could not stay awake!

Contortionist positions, open mouths, unconscious acrobatics, and unimaginable places to sleep! Enjoy these captured images that have immortalized the strangest naps!

1. My husband and our three kittens sleep like this!

image: yoyoadrienne

2. A real country boy!

image: tiameghan

3. This guy fell asleep in the office and his colleagues decided to take advantage ...

image: TheOrangeDuke

4. My sister fell asleep while reading a magazine ...

image: Blowfin

5. Who said that the gondolas in Venice only serve to get around in the city?


6. A work of art positioned on your friend's sleeping body?!

7. That fake eye sticker is a bit creepy ...

image: radio_dead

8. The book she was reading is called "How to Sleep Well" ... it worked!

image: aymbrbr

9. In the absence of a bed, even a musical instrument case can serve as a handy refuge!

image: savedbyiron

10. When you just cannot resist falling asleep ...

image: aderaptor

11. Even air-hostesses sometimes need a break!

12. A nap ... double-jointed!

image: AirmanAJK

13. Acrobatic sleeping stunts at the airport!

image: imgur

14. My wife's afternoon nap!

15. When work gets too exhausting, then, go ahead and take a quick nap!

image: Reduxus

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