At age 74 she sells her house and decides to live on a cruise ship for the rest of her days -
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At age 74 she sells her house and decides…
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At age 74 she sells her house and decides to live on a cruise ship for the rest of her days


What is the best way to live your retirement as a senior citizen?

Answer: Sell ​​everything and experience the last years of your life on a cruise ship and travel around the world!

And that is exactly what Lee Wachtstetter has been doing for more than 15 years, spending her life in her personal cabin aboard a luxury cruise ship at the venerable age of 89 ...

Moreover, she has also published a "tell-all" autobiographical book about her extraordinary experience!

via: Forbes
image: Amazon

Lee Wachtstatter, affectionately known as "Mama Lee", lost her husband in 1997 due to a tumor, and since she was left alone she decided to keep the promise made to her husband: "Never stop cruising."

And this is exactly what Lee did! She sold her house and decided to move definitively to a luxury cruise ship! Since then, she has been traveling all the time and has visited about 100 different countries around the world.

However, please know that Lee is not alone, on this last, long journey of her life. She is attended 24/7 by the huge staff of assistants and employees who also live and work on the ship and who take care of her night and day. The price to pay for your own private cabin? "Only" $160,000 a year!

image: Amazon

But despite this expense, Lee has stated that the costs are a secondary issue compared to the quality of life that she has onboard.

Furthermore, at the same time, she is keeping her promise to her husband to continue traveling on a luxury cruise ship, just as the couple had done before her husband passed away in 1997.

Now, Mama Lee, at each landing on a foreign shore aboard the cruise ship that kindly hosts her, dances every day with the visitors and passengers on the ship, in memory of her deceased husband with whom she had enjoyed 89 cruise journeys!

image: sam h/YouTube

An expensive senior lifestyle, no doubt, but perhaps worth experiencing to feel, once again, truly alive. All of this and more, Mamma Lee has described in her best-selling book "I May Be Homeless, But You Should See My Yacht"!


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