Many women choose to apply makeup before…
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Many women choose to apply makeup before giving birth, but not everyone agrees with this trend

May 04, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Childbirth is a painful, intense moment of emotion, and physically very exhausting ... and from today also glamorous!

It has become, in fact, a trend to arrive in the delivery room not only psychologically prepared but also aesthetically!

Of course, it seems absurd to give so much importance to one's physical appearance during an event as unique as childbirth!

Yet, a survey conducted by a cosmetic brand reveals that there are many women who undergo the most varied aesthetic treatments so as to appear in perfect form while giving birth.

This woman's passion for make-up is not denied even during labor.

image: alexisjayda

Many women about to give birth want to take care of their physical appearance down to the smallest detail.

image: 143diana

A well-known British cosmetic brand has conducted a survey regarding what beauty treatments women want to have just before giving birth.

image: leeannjarrell

The survey revealed that: 

  • 64% of women between 18 and 31 years undergo beauty treatments shortly before childbirth 
  • 65% get a waxing 
  • 54% book a manicure 
  • 43% book a pedicure 
  • il 37% request a tanning session 
  • 32% get their hair done by a professional hairdresser
image: makeupbyalaha

The same women who participated in the survey also revealed why they wanted to undergo beauty treatments. 

  • 31% of women said they wanted to look good in photos 
  • 26% to make a good impression in front of visitors 
  • 22% to avoid looking sick or tired.
image: glamandgab

In short, more and more hospitals accept women who, in addition to their hospital bag packed with items for the mother and the newborn baby, also reach the delivery room accompanied by their make-up bag.

image: makeupbyalaha

For some women who are about to give birth, however, there is no real aesthetic interest but just the fact of dedicating oneself to an action that gives one pleasure is also a way of distracting oneself from the labor pains and also allows one to face childbirth with more serenity.

image: briannaoden

To trigger this trend would once again be social media! In fact, many influencers and bloggers have decided to share their moment of childbirth with their users and hence the need to appear with nice hair and a perfectly made-up face. 

image: briannaoden

For many people this is a crazy exaggeration because the moment of childbirth is an unrepeatable episode in a woman's life.

Therefore, focusing on what that special moment looks like in the eyes of others is a real shame. In fact, not a few people suggest that such a mindset reveals a new mother's lack of seriousness towards her unborn child.

image: briannaoden

Apply abundant make-up on one's face, for many people, is not recommended during pregnancy, or even less during childbirth,

In fact, the list of products that can cause different effects during the normal course of a pregnancy, at more or less, serious levels is actually quite long.

This is a fashion trend that is truly very questionable, but nevertheless, becoming rampant!

Can one somehow judge how "good" a mother is by how much attention she has given to her physical appearance during childbirth?

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