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15 women who have chosen a style of…
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15 women who have chosen a style of makeup that is a complete disaster

August 03, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

You start to wear makeup for fun and you end up wearing it for necessity or by choice.

In fact, there are women who choose to maintain a natural no-makeup look, while there are others who are delighted to correct small defects with foundation and concealer.

In the same vein, it is true that there are women who know how to wear makeup ... And others who do not know how to wear makeup at all! 

Here are 15 women who would do well to take a good look at their appearance.


Name that look! #foodie #foodblogger #foodvlogger #vlogger #PTCares #makeupfail #makeupfails #makeup http://ift.tt/2jkZApE

Pubblicato da Playtimecares.com su Domenica 15 gennaio 2017


Another happy customer? NOT #makeupfail

Pubblicato da Omarosa Beauty & Laser Clinic su Martedì 19 aprile 2016


What is this? a) Cupcake b) Unicorn c) Makeup Guru d) Other... #makeuplook #makeupfail #makeuptrends #contouring #highlighting #eyebrows #lips #nickiminaj

Pubblicato da AdviseMyStyle su Sabato 16 gennaio 2016


Chalk lipstick?

Pubblicato da Make-up Fail su Domenica 14 ottobre 2012




clearly hasn't mastered the art of contouring.

Pubblicato da Make-up Fail su Sabato 27 ottobre 2012


o dear.

Pubblicato da Make-up Fail su Lunedì 29 ottobre 2012










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