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Wonderful "whims" of nature! Here are…
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Wonderful "whims" of nature! Here are 19 rather unique and rare animals!

August 02, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Surely, Mother Nature has no idea how the iconic shape of the heart that humans draw is made. But it is surprising, almost suspicious, to see how often Mother Nature draws little hearts on the fur of our little cat or dog friends!

We have collected 19 photos of animals that have been blessed with some rare genetic peculiarities. There is the one with two different colored eyes and the one with the rarest and most unique coat of fur.

Tell us which one is your favorite!

 1. Here is the first gentleman with a heart on his head!

 2. This guy goes around disguised.


 2. Like father, like son.

image: Greypo/reddit

4. He has the shape of a heart on his nose!

5. This instead is obviously a poker champion with the ace of spades on his chest!


 6. This Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chicken is a real work of art.

image: Lovesa/pikabu

 7. Actually, he is not a bad cat, but his face is really scary!


 8. They seem to have just stepped out of a fantasy story!

 9. He put on his socks because, well --- you never know.

image: drools/reddit

 10. Do you see the Medieval sword?

image: unknown

11. Here is another dangerous member of the heart gang!

12. Did you spill a bottle of ink on your nose and face?

13. "What's wrong? Don't you like my eyes?"

14. His eyes, instead, come from another planet!

15. Two faces in one!

 16. A chocolate chip ice cream dog.

Un post condiviso da Ida (@wildspotted) in data:

 17. A very scared cat with ice blue eyes!

Un post condiviso da Coby The Cat (@cobythecat) in data:

 18. He instead is very calm, in fact, green is the color of calmness.

 19. We conclude with this butterfly that looks like a watercolor drawing.

Un post condiviso da Pia Krishen (@piakrishen) in data:

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