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Her husband forced her to choose between…
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Her husband forced her to choose between him and her dogs and Liz's choice is an inspiration to many!


Choose between your husband and your dogs? It seems unusual, but an English woman did it. 

Her name is Liz Haslam and her job is to help puppy dogs in difficulty. During her life, she has dedicated so much attention to her job that in the end, she renounced her husband and ended her marriage. 

The story begins when Liz met Mike at age 16. The two fell in love, got married, and later went to live together in a cottage on a large property in Barnham, England.

Twenty-five years of marriage and one child later, it became increasingly difficult for the couple to overcome their negative moments and daily difficulties, so much so as to arrive at a sort of "showdown".

Mike, in fact, was finally tired of a relationship that revolved around the dogs that his wife cared for on their property. So, he decided to ask her to make a choice --- him or the dogs? 

And Liz chose the latter. She would not have given up her dogs for anything in the world since they had always made her happy. In fact, she had created BedForBullies, her dog refuge center with its recovery and adoption services for bulldog terriers with medical or behavioral problems.

Consequently, the two have separated. Mike felt he was always put in a lower position than the dogs and  neglected by his wife in the name of a passion that had become too present in their relationship.

The man said that Liz spent almost the entire day in contact with her dogs, taking care of them, taking walks, and spending a lot of money on drugs and medical treatments.

Due to this unique dedication on the part of the owner, BedForBullies remains a very important charity for dogs, since Liz provides refuge and recovery for puppies that other places would not accept.

In fact, Liz has rescued and given refuge and care to more than 200 dogs over the years and continues to pursue this activity with maximum dedication and passion and even despite the economic difficulties.


This is a passion that, however, was not fully shared by her husband. Just like many other people, however, one must realize that Mike was not able or willing to love her dogs to the point of sacrificing their relationship as a married couple, and he cannot be blamed for this

Now Liz, in turn, is happy, with her dogs, and carries on her activity as her only mission in life.

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