After almost 65 years of marriage, he kneels again in front of his wife and his gesture of love is one of rare beauty -
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After almost 65 years of marriage, he…
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After almost 65 years of marriage, he kneels again in front of his wife and his gesture of love is one of rare beauty


Love that lasts throughout a lifetime is something of the past, but fortunately even today there are examples of such a love that is so beautiful and rare.

The story we are about to tell you about is one of the sweetest on the Internet.

This elderly couple, after being married for almost 65 years and having faced together the joys and tribulations of life, have exchanged once again their vows of love, which even touched the hearts of their younger grandchildren.

Mr. & Mrs. Karl and Donna Von Schwarz. June 24th, 1956.

Pubblicato da John Von Schwarz su Sabato 24 giugno 2017

Karl and Donna got married in 1956 and since then they have never been separated in life! They started a family, enjoyed their children, and grandchildren, then found in each other the strength to deal with the complications of old age. 

Donna has important heart problems but thanks to her husband Karl at her side, she has never given up. Nevertheless, Karl wanted to do something unexpected to show his wife his love and give her the courage to go on.

Karl wanted to ask again, at the age of 85 and after almost 65 years of matrimony, for the hand of his beloved Donna. Karl said that if his wife agreed to undergo heart surgery, he would buy her a wedding ring again, as a symbol of their eternal love.


Perhaps, it was her impatience to experience that emotional moment again, but in any case, Donna had heart surgery and fully recovered. And Karl kept his promise! Not only did he put a beautiful wedding ring on her finger, but he even knelt before giving it to her! - and do not think that is easy for an 85-year-old man! 

The scene, captured on video by their grandchildren, made everyone present, of all ages, burst into tears! Nowadays, it is increasingly rare to see two people who are faithful to each other for so long, still happy, day after day about having chosen each other as husband and wife. 

Long life to Donna and Karl!

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