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21 cats to whom Mother Nature decided…
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21 cats to whom Mother Nature decided to give a cat coat a little out of the ordinary!

April 01, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Each cat's coat is a bit like fingerprints for human beings. Therefore, for cats, it is unlikely that there are two cats with the exact same coat pattern or coloring.

In fact, although cats may look similar, there is always some variance of color or differences in coat patterns that distinguish one cat from another. 

Surely, the cats in this photo gallery will not have been often confused with other cats!

As a matter of fact, each of them has a cat coat that is so particular as to be unique in the world. How many other cats can you find with a perfect heart shape on its side or a bolt of lightning on its forehead?

 1. This cat seems to be reminding us to smile.

2. Could this cat be related to Harry Potter?


3. Do you also see a cat with another cat on its back?

4. This cat is ... love.

5. A dragon in flight on the back of its head.


6. This must be Batman's cat.

7. These goggles fit this cat perfectly!


8. Well, as they say ... sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words!

9. This is not the classic "M" that all cats have; take a closer look ...


10. He is number 1 ... and he wants everyone to know it!

11. Admit it, at first glance, there seemed to be four eyes. Right? Right! 👀

12. Do you see the sword, too?

13. In another life, this cat must have been a geography teacher.

14. Obviously, a real "gentleman" cat with his elegant mustache and goatee.

15. Another cat and another lovely heart.

16. To every cat its mustache!

17. Did this cat escape from the Bermuda Triangle?

18. This pretty little cat certainly doesn't need any makeup.

19. What is that splotch doing in the middle of all that white fur? It's hard to say ...

20. This cat could be easily mistaken for a sleeping panda bear ...

21. A fan of Zorro.

22. Streaks ... circular? Yes, circular streaks!

23. A "pointer" nose.

24. Some people see a dinosaur ... and you?

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