Is it possible for my cat to see ghosts? This is what happens when a cat stares at nothing ... -
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Is it possible for my cat to see ghosts?…
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Is it possible for my cat to see ghosts? This is what happens when a cat stares at nothing ...

November 12, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If you have ever had any experiences with cats you will certainly have arrived at two conclusions, that A) cats are crazy, and that B) ghosts exist, or maybe both.

Why do cats sometimes suddenly start staring at a precise area in a room, as if something were there that is invisible to our eyes?

Veterinarian Rachel Barrack says that when they stare at a precise area, it is because they perceive movements, as their senses are much more developed than ours.


A research study conducted in 2014 confirms that both cats and dogs are able to see parts of the light spectrum that we cannot, such as ultraviolet (UV) light. But the reason why dogs do not seem to take notice of these imperceptible movements is mainly due to each animal's character, explains Dr. Barrack. Cats are more curious in nature and therefore are more willing to investigate.


Compared to human eyes, cats have as many as six to eight times the number of rods (photoreceptors that guarantee vision even in very low light) that is why cats have a much more developed night vision.


Katie Armor, a member of the Boston City Animal Care and Adoption Center, says, "First of all, I do not believe in ghosts, but I have to admit that cats have amazing capabilities and that their senses are infinitely more developed than ours. Not only do they see and hear things that we do not, but they also have a brain that functions in a way that we humans cannot fully understand. When a cat seems to hear or see something that apparently, to us, does not exist and the cat makes us part of its experience, we should respect their curiosity as they are trying to figure out what it is and at the same time they are frightened."

The woman also advises us to take advantage of these moments to interact with our cat and to try to understand more deeply what they feel. "Shine a light on the area where your cat is staring fixedly, or place your ear on the wall near where your cat is behaving strangely, so you can hear any unusual noises."

It may also happen that a cat stares at its owner and not at any "ghosts". In that case, the veterinarian Barrack advises us not to scare our cat, but instead to send it messages of "peace", such blinking your eyes. In any case, there is nothing to worry about if your cat is looking at you --- it is only a demonstration of love!

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