Some people have a tiny hole at the top of their outer ear and its origin is explained here -
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Some people have a tiny hole at the…
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Some people have a tiny hole at the top of their outer ear and its origin is explained here

November 09, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If you notice that your friends or acquaintances have a peculiar tiny hole on the top of the outer ear, do not rush to conclusions, thinking that maybe it is for an earring or who knows what type of piercing that is the latest fashion. 

That small opening is actually the result of a congenital malformation dependent on ethnic origin and is created during the embryonic stage of prenatal development. But let's learn some more details about this particular conformation.

Congenital preauricular fistula aka Geswein hole

image: Wikimedia

What allows this congenital malformation to occur? You need to know that the small hole we are talking about is actually a fistula that is part of the longitudinal gills needed during embryo life that have not been completely absorbed. For this reason, such fistulas also take the name of residual branchial cysts.

image: Instagram

Usually, a congenital fistula is present only on one ear, but in 25-50% of cases, it may appear on both ears. 

Although it is generally not necessary to proceed with surgical procedures or aesthetic treatments as these fistulas do not pose a health hazard, sometimes the cysts in question become infected. Therefore, it would be wise to see a doctor and proceed with caution because the facial nerve could be affected. Renal dysfunction and Beckwith-Wiedemann's syndrome may occur, but their connection with residual squalid cysts is very rare.

Do you know anyone with this particular physical feature?


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