This woman has been pregnant for a total of over 15 years and she has just given birth to her 21st child

by Shirley Marie Bradby

March 25, 2019

This woman has been pregnant for a total of over 15 years and she has just given birth to her 21st child

There are couples who dream of having a large family.

These people love children and also being parents fills them with satisfaction and joy, as well as the fact of imagining that when they are elderly they will be surrounded by the love and affection of a small tribe of children and grandchildren. 

As a couple, Sue and Noel Radford think the same way. In fact, they met each other when they just kids, and discovered that they shared the same dream of having a big family. 

At first, they wanted to have only three children; but it must have gotten out of hand, because now, 29 years later, they have just had their 21st child.


Sue was only fourteen years old when she became pregnant with her first child, a son named Chris. Today, Sue is 43 years old and 16 of those years she has spent being pregnant. In fact, Sue has been pregnant for a total of 811 weeks of her life. 

Not surprising considering the number of children that she has had, which in order are: Chloe (23), Jack (21), Daniel (19), Luke (18), Millie (17), Katie (15), James (14), Ellie (13), Aimee (12), Josh (11), Max (9), Tillie (8), Oscar (7), Casper (6), Hallie (3), Phoebe (2), Archie (14) months, and now also Bonnie.


Choosing the name of the last newly arrived baby was not easy, but the other children helped mom and dad, as Sue narrates: 

"I didn't like the names he liked and he didn't like the names I liked. Our children didn't like the names we liked. It was hard. Then me, Noel and the older kids sat at the table and we chose Bonnie. Everyone loved it." 

When Bonnie came home, she was warmly welcomed by her 20 brothers and sisters: "They were competing to hug her. It's nice to come home with a newborn baby and know that everybody can't wait to hug her."

Of course, managing such a large family is not easy at all; even if the two older children no longer live with them, the others share a ten-room house - but space is not the biggest problem, as all parents well know.

Fortunately, the Radford family is very close, and everyone does their part - as their fans and followers know.

In fact, the family has an Instagram page, followed by more than 120 thousand people.

Of course, as parents, Sue and Noel love their children, but they have decided that this time, Bonnie will really be the last one. "We have decided not to have any more children. Bonnie has completed our family. Some stop after the second or third child, we did it after our twenty-first." 

Yes, but it is true that they had also said the same thing after the birth of their next to the last baby, Archie! Therefore, all that remains is to wait and see if they will be able to resist the temptation of another newborn baby.