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A grandmother welcomes a new stray cat…
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A grandmother welcomes a new stray cat into the house, but her grandson reveals that it is actually an opossum


People who love animals try as hard they can to help during the winter months or in seasons characterized by heavy rainfall.

This American grandmother, the protagonist of this story, is used to sheltering the cats in her neighborhood inside her porch, providing them each with comfortable pet beds and a bowl from which they can eat and drink.

And since the animals know this, there is a small group of regulars who come back every evening to take their place on the porch where they are for all intents and purposes "tenents".

However, recently, a strange cat has joined this group, and that perhaps is not even a "cat" ...

Eric Hertlein is a young man with a grandmother who is very kind-hearted.  In fact, she is famous in the neighborhood for giving food and accommodation to four or five stray cats inside her covered porch every evening.

Finding himself near her house, the young man went to visit his grandmother and as usual, he witnessed the host of cats present, but this time among them there was a really strange one huddled in a corner.

The woman, seeing Eric a bit confused and alarmed, tried to reassure him by saying that the animal was a more recent addition, and that the "cat's" name was Tete and that it had joined the other cats a couple of weeks ago to find shelter and food. 

The young man was suddenly struck by a mixture of amusement, amazement, and concern for his grandmother, as he burst out laughing for five full minutes without the elderly lady being able to understand why.

Actually, Tete was not a cat but a nice gray full-grown opossum with a pointed nose and tail. The funny thing is that the animal was lying quiet and comfortably in a corner in one of the warm pet beds without giving the least bit of annoyance to the cats or they to it.  In fact, Tete seemed as comfortable with the cats as they were with Tete!

When Eric pointed out Tete to his grandmother and told her that it was an opossum, the woman who did not initially want to believe it, went to look at Tete more closely. But the discovery did not seem to disturb the elderly lady, and she left the animal alone saying that she did not care because Tete had never bothered any of the cats or her either, for that matter!

Now Tete is part of the family and the elderly woman would never dream of chasing it away simply because Tete is an opossum! After all, according to how she has been described by her grandson, Grandma Hertlein is famous for her generosity and love for animals, and now this has been shown and proven once again!


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