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18 images comparing parents with their…
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18 images comparing parents with their own children years later and they are identical

November 09, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Every time a child is born, the two related families begin to discuss to try to understand which parent the child looks more like.

At first sightit is difficult to see an actual resemblance, but the search could be made even more interesting by dusting off some old family albums sitting on their bookshelves and then comparing the photos of parents in their youth with their own children some years later.

The effect in some cases can be truly astounding, as they are in these 18 images, in which we are once again shown how fascinating genetics can be!

 1. Mom and daughter with the same "mischievous" expression!

2. "My mother and I, both at the age of 15"


3. Father and son of the same age ... a chip off the old block!

4. "I recreated a picture from 30 years ago with my father and me at 5 weeks old and now that's me and my daughter at 5 weeks old."

5. Mother and daughter at the same age


6. "My mother and I are the same age exactly 30 years later. There is only one small difference ..."

6. The same age, same features, and the same seriousness ...


 8. "My son and I at the same age, I was dressed for Halloween and he is doing the same thing today"

9. "Me with my father"


 10. A tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation!

11. "My dad and me in 1990 and me and my daughter in 2016."

12. "My father and I at the same age (28)."

13. An impressive resemblance --- the same as 30 years ago!

14. Father and son or the same child?

15."Me and my son at the same age."

16. Years and generations have gone by but the smile is always the same!

17. This little girl is identical to her father!

 18. This time, however, the little boy is identical to his mother!

Do you also have any sensational resemblances within your family?


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