Several people have revealed what it is that puts them in a good mood and their photos will have the same effect on you, too! -
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Several people have revealed what it…
A man shows us the correct way to use a can opener! --- Did you already know this? Whoever decorates their house for Christmas very early is a happy and sociable person --- modern science says so!

Several people have revealed what it is that puts them in a good mood and their photos will have the same effect on you, too!


Everyone has his or her own tried and true methods to drive away anger, sadness, and melancholy. Not that these feelings are to be avoided at all costs, but the important thing is not to allow them to get the upper hand over our lives.

To avoid this, it is a good idea to try to always include in your day something that makes you smile and that stimulates positive and uplifting thoughts

In addition, doing something good that concretely helps someone is an excellent elixir of happiness, as are also these photos that will definitely succeed in making you smile!

"My friend's dog leaned out of the car to be caressed, how could I ignore him?"

"Have you ever played with a baby possum? It's one of the cutest and funniest animals!"


"When your cat decides to eat a delicious dinner --- yours!"

"This taxi driver listens to hippie music and has a bunch of artificial flowers in place of the ashtray."

"Someone left this plant at the entrance of my apartment building with a note that said, "If you like me, take me home. Happy holidays!".


"My wonderful girlfriend prepared this tasty dinner for me after a stressful day at work."

"The bartender saw that I was sad and gave me this."


"Our daughter did not even weigh 4 lb (2 kg) after 5 days of life! But she is still happy to have been born!"

image: Lauren Vinje

"A butterfly settled on my shoulder! Wow! What a beauty!"


"A nice co-worker gave me these bagels to welcome me to my new job."

"This is the mural painted on a building behind my hostel in Norway! Now, this rainy day has taken a turn for the better!"

"Our baby was born at 25 weeks and weighed almost two pounds (1 kg). This is the first time he smiled --- and I will always remember that moment!"

"Extremely polite and well-behaved geese."

" A delightful image of a very gentle and sweet otter that is sleeping while resting on its tail."

image: isisis/reddit

"A very kind gentleman gave me this rose made out of palm tree leaves!"

"We told the waitress that it had been a bad day for us and she came back to the table with these!"

image: Krauni/reddit

"If you're having a bad day, a simple photo of these cute little raccoons might just lift your spirits!"

"I looked out at the neighbors' garden and saw this funny dog running away!"

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