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15 hilarious photos of the most difficult…
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15 hilarious photos of the most difficult profession in the world --- being a parent!

June 21, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Raising a child is one of the most beautiful and difficult things in the world, and often a lot of fun too.

We have collected for you 15 photos that show mothers and fathers grappling with the most sensitive job of all while being, shall we say, "creative".

From the mother who uses post-it notes to be better organized to the father who finds the laziest way in the world to look after his son, to those little pests who are also quite mischievous!

Here they are!

1. How to teach your child to use the washing machine

image: unknown/imgur

 2. This careless girl lost her smartphone and asked her mother for a new one. Here's what she got!


 3. This dad has work to do but his son prefers to sleep!

4. On the other hand, this father needed a quick snack!

image: 2nie/reddit

5. This father, instead, only wanted to play video games without losing sight of his son!


6. Very clear messages scattered around the house.

7. "Every time he comes to see me, my Dad hides $20 somewhere in the house. This is probably one of his best hiding places of all time! Who knows how long this money has been in there!"


8. These parents took their daughter's carnival costume very seriously.

image: Gundam/reddit

9. These other parents, not to be outdone, answered with Princess Darth Vader!

image: JonXP/reddit

10. Their son loves dinosaurs a lot --- just in case, you have not noticed!

11. "Daddy, would you make me a ponytail?"

image: unknown/imgur

12. "Dear, can you play a little with our son?"

image: unknown/imgur

12. "It's time for our little girl to start doing some physical activity!"

14. "My wife bought some adhesive labels to help us get organized with our new-born baby. And they have already been very useful!"

image: cbam/reddit

15 "I was at the frozen food counter to buy vegetables --- and I turned around and found this!"

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