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20 photos that tell a story that will…
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20 photos that tell a story that will make you shed a few tears


Some photos immortalize historical moments forever, others are a means by which artists express their vision of the world and others have only practical purposes. 

However, there are photos that have hidden stories. Small touching stories of humanity, images captured by the protagonists or by those who were lucky enough to be present.

We have collected 20 of these photos that will restore your trust in the goodness of people's hearts.

1. This gentleman who had immigrated to the USA a long time ago, returned to the bookstore where he first learned English 60 years earlier, when had just arrived in the United States, to buy a book written by his son!

2. He saved her from the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, protecting her with his body. Soon they will get married.


3. This American officer has been looking for his Japanese biological mother all of his life. He later discovered that she had named her restaurant using his name.

4. "I gave this puppy to the nursing home in my neighborhood, and it immediately found a best friend!"

5. "Today we found these two lovely balls of fur and since nobody has been looking for them, my wife and I are their new parents!"


6. "My Husky is losing his sight and from time to time he stares at the barbecue grill even after we've taken it apart."

7. These soldiers created a bridge with their bodies during a flood

image: blog.163

8. True friends do not care about the rain

9. And they do everything to protect even four-legged friends


10. 'I was throwing away the trash when this gentleman ran to me, I bent over to caress him and he jumped up into my arms. I felt my heart melt."

11. This 14-year-old dog cannot see anymore. He trusts his lady owner and this is the first time they go running together

12. "This other rather large dog injured its legs during an excursion, but its owner took it to the veterinarian as quickly as possible."

13. "My dad recently passed away and I accidentally found this photo where he is teaching me how to play video games --- which is still my great passion today."

14. In the Netherlands on May 4th, we remember the victims of World War II with a minute of silence at eight o'clock in the evening. It is a very popular event as this pizza delivery boy demonstrates.

15. His schoolmates liked his new shoes very much, but they came from much poorer families. So he bought them each a pair of shoes just like his!

16. To remember his recently deceased dog, who loved playing with tennis balls, this owner gave a full basket of tennis balls to the whole park.

17. This gentleman who is 102 years old and survived the Holocaust, meets his nephew for the first time after believing his entire life that all his relatives had disappeared in the war.

18. Dad had to work but did not want to miss his daughter's prom. He found a solution.

19. A deaf grandmother teaches sign language to her great-grandchild.


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