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These photos show that having children…
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These photos show that having children can be terribly funny!

June 02, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Life is a combination of ups and downs, moments of sadness and moments of joy so intense as to make us forget all the bad things and this, of course, is also true when we become parents! 

There are days in which to prevail is tiredness and the sense of inadequacy, others in which you feel so good together with our children that we put in second place everything that was important before they arrived ...

And can we talk about the fun we have? In fact, with the right dose of irony and acceptance, fun and laughter are never lacking! Here are some very nice captured images that prove it!

Twins? Distinguish them by their haircuts!

 A rare example of a former TV set.

image: Buzger

That's why we always suggest that you create spaces specially designed to allow the little ones to vent their creativity ...

image: Omnipotencja

You know that children do not sleep ... They recharge!

image: Novostislyxi

Jealousy or complicity? Sometimes it becomes impossible to separate the two things!

image: Chucks-fun

There is no lack of moments of tenderness ...

And when it's time to go home, NOBODY ever answers the first call, in fact ... It often ends like this!

image: Wunderworlds

The games they find entertaining may seem to you like nightmares.

image: Newslinq

Here is another striking example of this!

image: lj3

All of their "since I do not see you then you do not see me" games that will make you die laughing ...

You will love your kids at least as much as you hate their games that involve painting!


At carnival time, you can let them decide what masks they want to wear ...

image: Masticao

You'll catch them in the act of doing some of the funniest things!

image: Famme

It is forbidden to enter the house, even at the cost of having to take a cold shower!

These three are clearly planning something ...

image: Joyreactor

You know that valuables and important documents just like toxic substances must be kept in a safe place out of the reach of children ... Otherwise, you run the risk of things like this happening!

image: Metro

Every parent indulges their kid with the cutest looks ...

And the family pet will also make their own contribution in whatever way they can!

image: Femmeactuelle
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