23 funny photos that show that animals…
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23 funny photos that show that animals are nothing but humans with skin covered with fur

April 10, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

How many times do we think our beloved pets behave just like humans?

Perhaps it is the coexistence and living in such close contact with human beings that provokes all of this! In fact, they often amaze us with their unusual attitudes.

Someone pet owners have photographed the moments when this resemblance has reached the highest levels and, after seeing this photo gallery, you will agree with us: Our pets are nothing but human beings with skin covered with fur!

The expression of all of us before drinking our first coffee on Monday morning.

When you try to get someone's attention at all costs.

image: Reddit

When you try to make your friends understand that the joke is not funny at all ...

Have you ever been stuck in traffic? The feeling you get is like this ...

When someone sits in your favorite place and this is what you imagine doing to them.

image: Imgur

When you're both hungry, but you cannot agree on where to go.

image: Imgur

A great idea for a start up! Paid feline psychiatric support!


When someone you do not know does not respect the boundaries of your personal space.

When you think about whether to lose weight or not.


When you reach your bus that was leaving in a miraculous way.

image: tzd217/Reddit

When you go to a party with your friend and you do not know anyone.

image: m4rceline/Reddit

When you can rest at the end of a long week of work.

When you realize that the person you are talking to is an idiot.

When you have nothing better to do than squeeze yourself into the sleeve of a jacket.

image: Twitter

When your neighbors turn on their music at full blast in the middle of the night.

When someone offends you, not knowing that you are a very sensitive person.

image: aaavril/Imgur

When you discover that you can do something rare and you want to show it to everyone.

image: Iaywnm/Reddit

When you realize you have made a bad choice.

image: Imgur

When you decide to take a selfie lying down.

When you are dressed well and looking good ... and you know it!

When you come back from work and you can finally rest.

When you try to convince your parents with touching sweetness.

When you're on vacation and you take a picture in front of almost everything.

image: Twitter
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