20 funny photos of dogs that will change…
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20 funny photos of dogs that will change your day for the better!

March 26, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Giving voice to the expressions or gestures of our dear four-legged friends is very common among dog owners!

In fact, often their expressiveness is such that it is impossible not to translate it into our language, making the situation even more fun and hilarious.

Have you ever done this? If so, you are not the only one, indeed there are those who have done even more!

They have not only taken the photos but they have also added captions before uploading them on some social media networks, to give a moment of lighthearted fun to some other users!

This pit bull protected the little chihuahua during his stay in a dog kennel and his new owner decided to adopt them both.

image: oligarchy

"My dog ​thinks I'm sick every time I take a bath (because he hates taking a bath), so he throws his toys in the tub to make me feel better."

image: rudeweaver

"The way my deaf dog answers me when I tell him he's good in sign language."

"My friend's boyfriend is a teacher and he brings his dog Banjo every day to school- Less teachers with weapons, more teachers with corgi dogs!"

"After not having seen my dog for five months, I made a video call to him and my mother sent me this picture when I disconnected."

image: brodakmoment

This kitten wants to steal his friend's tongue!

"God said he's a good boy ..."

image: BeeryLee

"I could not believe my eyes when I saw these three dogs during a snow blizzard."

image: KINGK7

This German shepherd believes that the kitten is his puppy ...

image: ChaserStout

'"... He's so small he can pass through the fence, so he has to wear an escape-proof dog harness every time he has to go out to relieve himself."

image: veedublin

"These therapy dogs are waiting for the arrival of Marjory Stoneman Douglas students (Parkland shooting) this morning for their first day back to school."

'We do not deserve dogs!'

"This pug dog that does not want to get its nails cut would do better to resign itself to its fate."

image: OllyTwist

"When they ask me why I like to feed the dogs, I show them this picture."

image: volekju

"My father is blind and he met my dog, Ginny, for the first time this weekend. He has not stopped talking about him since then."

"There was a struggle for the passenger seat."

"This is Humphrey, our adopted dog who failed his training course because he just wanted to play with the sheep."

image: viesch

A dog-hedgehog!

image: Phunkkkiiii

"I made my humans smile every day for 15 years."

image: zanocharge

"In our office, we have a dog that walks around to all the employees in the morning to receive a lot of cuddling."

image: lvl99slayer
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