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22 people who with their jokes prove…
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22 people who with their jokes prove that they definitely have the Peter Pan syndrome!


Have you ever heard of the much-debated Peter Pan syndrome? It concerns "eternal children", namely, those people who never grow up, despite having reached adulthood.

Surely, it is not always pleasant to deal with an adult who behaves like a child, but on some occasions, the lightness and humor that distinguishes these people is truly incomparable.

Here is a photo gallery of some images of funny practical jokes played by people who definitely seem to be afflicted with the "Peter Pan syndrome". 

Do you know a person that you would call an eternal child? Would he/she be able to pull off one of these jokes?

A truly realistic portrait.

"My parents asked me to take care of the house during their absence. I sent them this picture."


Nothing strange --- He's just going to save the world!

image: reddit.com

"This morning my 21-year-old boyfriend prepared his first cup of coffee."

"I told my boyfriend that the color purple suited him and he went to the bathroom and he came back looking like this."


Someone decided to play a practical joke ...

A victim of Spider-Man!


Age is just a number!

"My favorite photo! When my father came to my house for the first time, he immediately turned on the TV and started playing a video game --- like father, like daughter!"


"The greatest success in my life!"

"I left my boyfriend with my cat for the first time, and when I got home, I found this scenario ."

"Today my professor decided to wear a tie with colors in the sequence that matched his PowerPoint presentation."

"I told my father that with this picture he would become famous on the Internet."

"Honey, you're beautiful today!"

"Today, it snowed and my father made a snowman."

"It has happened --- I'm a Disney princess!"

"My boyfriend spilled his orange juice and the waitress brought him this."

No words are needed ...

"When the temperature goes down, my father starts selling hot tacos on the street."

"My father-in-law sent me this today."

"My colleague will never grow up ..."

"I told my boyfriend that our dog could not sleep in our bed."

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