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20 people who requested a specific haircut…
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20 people who requested a specific haircut and their hairdresser understood them on the fly!

February 15, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Perhaps it has also happened to you, to go to your barber or hairdresser with the image of a famous person whose haircut you wanted to copy.

In all likelihood, you insisted that it be exactly the same, even if it was something that was not suitable for your facial shape and features, but we doubt that you have managed to do worse than the protagonists of this photo gallery.

As a matter of fact, their requests were certainly well understood by their barbers or hairdressers but the results are something really bizarre!

I would like a scaled styled haircut that recalls the shape of stalactites ...

I would like the others to look at me as if I were a superhero!


Hairdresser, have you ever seen the film "Ice Age"?

Customer: "I LOVE Lego!" Hairdresser: "No need to say anything else!"

image: iprima.cz

I would like something that resembles the rings of Saturn ...


"Hairdresser, I am undecided, I would like something like a nice emoticon ..." --- "Ok, here you are!"

Doesn't this bring to mind the test page printout that you do when installing new ink cartridges?

image: Reddit/3193s4

I earn my living by the power of my intellect --- I would like something that refers to this.

Can a zebra pattern be reproduced on the face?


I have a passion for the graphics of the '90s video games ...

I need a hairstyle that impresses both those in front of me and those who look at me from behind.

I was born under the sign of Aries ...

Can you turn my head into a strawberry?

I'm bipolar and I would like to make it clear to everyone.

Isn't this similar to the effect that is created when you pour milk into coffee and the colors start to mix gradually?

I would like a haircut that makes it easier for my parents to understand that I no longer feel like a child.

Listen, I love basketball more than anything ...

I would like a hairstyle that is suitable for going to the movies with my friends.

Would it be possible to create something like a third eyebrow?

image: Vaheirr/Imgur
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