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18 photos of animals stuck in the most…
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18 photos of animals stuck in the most unthinkable places


The curiosity of animals and pets pushes them to do things that most humans would never even try to do, but it is always thanks to their curiosity that they often give us moments of pure laughter.

It often happens that animals and especially pets, manage to squeeze themselves into unthinkable objects or spaces and in such absurd ways that it is almost impossible to try to reconstruct the dynamics of the facts.

The owners of these animals and pets have captured images of the bizarre situations in which their four-legged friends have gotten themselves into and through these pictures they have shared with us some lighthearted moments!

"What are you doing standing there! Won't you hurry up, and give me a hand?!"

"I was thirsty so..."


"I was just tidying up your closet."

"I was sleeping so heavily that I broke through the pillow with my head."

"Very comfortable, this sock."


'Now I can be the one to decide when to close and open the gate."

"Don't ask me how I did it!"


"It seemed wider from the outside!"

"These hammocks are not very reliable."


"Yes, I put my head through the lid of the garbage can and now it is stuck on my chest, but that does not mean that it was me that rummaged in the trash!"

"I was trying on a dress."

"Get this thing off me!"

"In this way, I can take a rest anywhere!"

"What the heck do you have in mind?"

"Don't you remember? You took the special offer at the supermarket, that's why I'm in your shopping bag!"

"I told you to hang a different kind of curtain!"

"This is not exactly a comfortable position ..."

"The cat went through without any problems, but look what happened to me ..."

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