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18 times when people gave reasons for…
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18 times when people gave reasons for being late for work that were very hard to believe!


If something can go wrong, you can be sure it will! This is a very pessimistic view of life, but often, it is the truth!

There are delicate moments of the day when everything needs to go the way that it should but instead, the opposite happens! In the morning, before leaving home to go to work or school, are precisely one of these moments.

In this photo gallery, there are people who were late because of some absurd events and, moreover, they were not even believed! On the other hand, how could anyone believe such "excuses"?

'When you're late and you realize you forgot to feed the cat."

"I was late because my kitchen practically self-destructed."


"When you're late for work because a crow tries to kill you."

"When you realize that you will not be the only one who has to justify being late for work!"

image: AVJV/imgur

"I woke up late and did not have time to look for my dog's leash. Here is how I managed to get him to go outside to do his needs."

image: reddit.com/r/

"My brother was late because he could not find the keys to his car. His little son had borrowed them."

"While I was in my car driving to work, I stopped to let a raccoon cross the street, but then I did not see it anymore --- this is where I found him."

image: oldmick/imgur

"My boss called to tell me that he would not arrive on time because of a serious problem ... Very serious."

image: YaZoV/pikabu

"It was very difficult to get it out of my car."


"I do not know how to get my car out of its parking place."

"I'm so scared of leaving the house this morning!"

'When you're always late because every morning you have to wake up everybody ..."

"After having had the feeling of having forgotten something all night, here's what I found in the morning."

"When you realize you'll be late because you do not know how to get in your car ..."

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"When you'll never be on time due to traffic."

Un post condiviso da imogen penman (@smidgeku) in data:

"When you do everything to get to work on time."

Un post condiviso da 9,001 (@tetnickle_assistants) in data:

"When you're late because your daughter falls asleep everywhere."

"When you realize that in addition to not going to work you will not be able to go anywhere else."

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