Do you think your job is terrible? These…
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Do you think your job is terrible? These 10 jobs will make you change your mind!

January 02, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If it is true that "idleness degrades and work ennobles", it is also true that doing the same repetitive work every day can really be oppressive, even for the most willing workers.

Long shifts, unbearable colleagues, pay not proportionate to the work performed... there can be many reasons that drive us to hate our job, with consequences that border on the pathological.

But be careful not to be blinded by discontent! In fact, we have collected a gallery of objectively unpleasant and exhausting jobs. After looking at these images, suddenly, working in a cramped office with a talkative colleague no longer seems to be the worst thing that can happen to us.


The task of the embalmer is to act on decomposing bodies and delay their deterioration. An embalmer is constantly in contact with the dead bodies of people or animals, in addition to using substances potentially harmful to their own health.

2. Diamond prospectors

image: Imgur

You have certainly seen a few films featuring people who were doing this job while being subjected to constant suffering and abuse. Well, the reality is not any different! The work of a diamond prospector is one of the worst jobs in the world because workers are controlled by corrupt and unscrupulous organizations that reduce people to the state of semi-slavery.


3. Sulfur miner

Those who extract sulfur are usually paid very little and are subjected to exhausting shifts. The worst aspect of the work is obviously the danger because the workplaces are characterized by a strong geothermal activity and for this reason, they are exposed to accidents and harmful gases.

4. Workers in Afghan brick factories

The brick factories located in Afghanistan still continue to produce bricks using outdated techniques, both in processes and in safety regulations. Traditionally, child labor is employed, a phenomenon that seems impossible to eradicate.

5. Manure Inspector

image: imgur

Analyzing manure or excrement is an effective and quick way to immediately recognize any diseases, and there are people who study specifically to do this type of work. Although it may seem a very unattractive job, at least the pay is usually well proportioned.


6. Lumberjack (Woodcutter)

Lumberjacks spend all their time outdoors, sometimes in poor weather and often in isolated areas. Logging is physically demanding and can be dangerous due to the use of chainsaws and other power equipment. Most logging work involves lifting, climbing, and other strenuous activities, although machinery has eliminated some heavy labor.  

7. Odor Tester

image: Imgur

Have you ever wondered how the deodorants you put on your body are tested? There is a precise professional figure, who operates in companies that produce deodorants for the human body or environments, who has the task of assessing whether a product has managed to effectively to cover a bad smell, and for how long. This is certainly not everyone's dream job.


8. Sewer Cleaner

image: imgur

In countries such as India, where the sewer system is not the most advanced, there is a professional figure who has the task of cleaning the drains and freeing any blocked passages. The tools of the trade? Hoes, sticks, electric scrapers ... and hands if necessary.

9.Crime scene cleaners (also known as bioremediation specialists)

After the scene of a crime has been examined and studied by the police and the forensic experts, someone has to remove all the organic material and clean the crime scene area. This includes both the crimes just recently committed and the crimes that are discovered after a long time ...


10. Salt miners in Ethiopia

For this specific type of work and processing, members of the Afar tribes are usually employed, as nature has given them a particular resistance to heat and thirst. Despite this, you just try working hours and hours immersed in the inferno of the desert with its 122°F (50°C) temperature ...

Let's face it --- working eight hours in an office, as crowded as it may be, no longer seems such a terrible prospect ...

image: pexels
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