Woman goes to a job interview but misunderstands…
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Woman goes to a job interview but misunderstands an employer's question: "it was very embarrassing"

September 16, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

How many of us have found ourselves having to go to a job interview? Those who have lived through this experience know how important it is to present yourself in the best possible way to have a chance to be hired. Sometimes, however, taken by the tensions of the moment, one runs the risk of "stumbling" on some small gaffe.

This is what happened to the subject of the story we are about to tell you about. This young woman, during an interview, misinterpreted a question and answered in a rather embarrassing manner. Let's find out together how things went:

image: cmtxx/Tik Tok

What is important to demonstrate during a job interview? Skills, professionalism, willingness to collaborate and many other qualities that will raise a candidate's score, so as to be included in the shortlist of those who could actually be hired. But what if something goes wrong? Then, there is a risk of not being taken into consideration - unless the interviewer is willing to let some small imperfections pass. In all likelihood, it was a person like this that Courtney spoke with. She posted her story to TikTok.

During the interview, and after having interacted in an impeccable way, Courtney confessed that she had misinterpreted a question and made a huge gaffe.

"I was having an interview and everything was going quite well. Then I was asked if I have any back problems, if I could lift heavy objects and I said I was in excellent health and can do it safely".

image: cmtxx/Tik Tok

Then, however, something went wrong when Courtney was asked: "How flexible are you?". Courtney answered: "Well, I can't do the splits, but I can do squats". Courtney wasn't joking -  she had misunderstood the meaning of the word "flexible" which the interviewer had intended. In reality, the interviewer wanted to know how much flexibilty she had regarding the working shifts: "This will cost me the job ..." Courtney imagined.

Fortunately, however, the opposite happened - perhaps because of her genuineness - and Courtney was hired.

The video clip she posted to TikTok about the incident got many views and comments from users who complimented her on her achievement and others who said: "I would have hired you immediately, without even thinking about it."

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? If so, please tell us about your experience.


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