Father is criticized for the frugal birthday he organized for his son: "The cake is too small"

Mark Bennett

September 08, 2022

Father is criticized for the frugal birthday he organized for his son:

The current economic crisis is affecting even the simplest things: for example, celebrating a birthday can be too expensive for some. A father, however, decided to try to make his son's birthday special in a simple way: by accompanying his child to a fast food restaurant and then blowing out the candles on a small strawberry cake.

The child folded his hands, closed his eyes reverently and made a wish as he blew out the candle. His father filmed everything on a smartphone, but this clip got a lot of criticism. Let's find out why:

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麥當勞父子 前幾天,有人在麥當勞裡,看到了這樣一對父子。桌子上擺放著一個小小的士多啤梨蛋糕,周圍用心地插滿了蠟燭。兒子雙手合十,虔誠地閉著眼睛,對著蠟燭許願。 而坐在他對面的父親,正拿著手機給兒子拍照。 很溫馨的一幕,評論區裡卻有人開...

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The tender scene was shared on Facebook, where it received dozens of negative comments. Some criticized the father, considering it "lazy and inappropriate" to celebrate a birthday at a fast food restaurant. Others, criticized the size of the cake: "Don't buy a tiny cake if you can't afford a decent-sized on," they wrote.

There are also those who have even criticized the father's choice to have a son because he is too "poor" to be able to guarantee him an quality lifestyle: "If life is so difficult for you, you shouldn't have had babies".

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Of course, some users were quick to defend the dad: "This father is doing his best to give his son the best gifts he can, so why criticize him?" wrote one reader. "Happiness is not in the size of the cake or in a fast food dinner, but is in the company of the family," noted another.

"I don't know their history, but I see this little boy is smiling sweetly: he's lucky to have a father who loves him," commented one positive reader. "Compared to a rich father who forgets his son's birthday, a father who is like this is really generous in spirit," said another reader.

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