"My husband cheated on me and had a child with his mistress: now he expects me to take care of the kid, but I refused"

Mark Bennett

August 13, 2022


Living in a long-term relationship is often a rather difficult challenge to face and frequently, the main cause of a rift is the loss of romantic interest in a partner which ends up in betrayal. This is what happened to the subject of this story, who divorced her now ex-husband because of his infidelity - an infidelity from which a son was also born.

The woman's situation is quite complex, which is why she asked web users for advice to determine if what she did is right or wrong. Here is her story:

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"My ex-husband and I have two children together, aged 16 and 14. We haven't been together for 8 years and he now has another child. He cheated on me and got his mistress pregnant while he was still married to me," says the woman. She continued: "When I found out he was cheating on me, I filed for divorce. I tried to save our marriage but soon realized that nothing would change and he would not stop seeing his mistress", explained the woman.

Of course, the woman did not want to have any kind of contact with her ex's new partner and she had hardly no interaction with her children's stepbrother. A few years later, the ex's partner passed away due to a serious illness. Her ex-husband became a single dad due to his partner passing away.

“On more than one occasion he asked me for help and I have always said no. He wanted me to be a mother figure to his son. He even tried to get my family to include his son. Then, a couple of months ago, my ex had an accident and his son was placed in temporary foster care while his father was recovering. He asked me to take care of his son, but I refused."

Pixabay - Not the Actual Photo

When the woman refused to help, the man flew into a rage and verbally attacked his ex-wife: "Now, he has turned against me and he tried to turn our children against me too. He told everyone that I am treating his son like garbage. A couple of my friends are aware of the situation and they think that my refusal was too harsh and that I am in the wrong, since my ex's son is my children's stepbrother", stated the woman, asking for advice from web users on what to do.

Web users have agreed that the ex cannot demand that the woman should take care of his son: "It's not your fault or responsibility. Just because you are a woman and a mother, it does not mean that the children of others are your responsibility. If he was a stepson, it would be different. But this is a child you don't really know and have no relationship with. Your ex is selfish for trying to force his child on you. It's one thing is to ask for help; it's another attack you for refusing," wrote one user.

What do you think of this story? Is the woman in the right, or did she act too harshly?