Mother asks his sister to babysit her…
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Mother asks his sister to babysit her children: she responds by proposing an hourly rate

July 28, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Taking care of children is a big responsibility and many parents struggle to find a good and reliable babysitter. For this reason parents often prefer to entrust their little ones to those people they trust the most, such as their brothers and sisters. But sometimes, the bond that you have with a relative can make you mistakenly think you can ask them for help  with anything and at any time: this is not always the case, and that is why a 28-year-old young woman asked web users for advice on how to resolve a fight she recently had with her sister who asked her to babysit her children at the last minute.

Let's see what happened together:

In her posting, Anne explained that she has a flexible job that allows her to indulge in so-called smart working. Over one weekend, she was planning to finish off some of her work projects so she wouldn't be overwhelmed during the upcoming week. However, something happened that destabilized her plans: "On Friday I got a call from my sister Emma, ​​who I don't see very often. She asked me if I would be willing to babysit her three small children over the weekend because she and her husband wanted to go on a last-minute trip," wrote the young woman.

She told her sister that she was very busy and that she had other plans, but Emma offered to pay her for her trouble, so her sister proposed a rate of € 23 euros per hour ($24 dollars/hour). This, says the young woman, "is way below my hourly rate of my full-time job." However, Emma did not like this proposal at all, and was offended by rate proposed, explaining that babysitters earn much less than this and that Anne is, after all, her sister. "I explained to her that I was intending on going to work and that if I had to look after her kids I couldn't do this. After calling me selfish, Emma hung up and later I got a message from her husband saying they had to cancel their trip because of me," Anna said.

Useful tips have been give to Anna from users on the web. According to what they said, Anna should let things calm down a bit and give some time to allow all parties to reflect on the incident and, later, propose a face-to-face meeting to explain their various points of view. Anna was advised she should try to explain to her sister that while she understands being a mother is difficult, she also has many things to take care of in her daily life, not least of which is hold down a job.

What do you think? Which of the two sisters (if either) was in the right?

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