Mother prepares a frozen food dinner…
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Mother prepares a frozen food dinner for her son's school friend: she is insulted by the kid's mother

July 17, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

It is difficult to be a stay-at-home parent because you typically have to deal with two types of people: those who are fully supportive of one, and; those who criticize every little thing you do, demanding things that are completely unreasonable. These arrogant people can get on your nerves, even if you're doing them a big favor. For example, a woman of Indian nationality, residing in the United States, contacted the Reddit community for advice on how to handle a situation where her son's schoolmate stopped by for dinner at their home without any prior notice.

via: Reddit

"My son is Indian and his friend from school is American: they are both 9 years old," explained the mother. One evening, her son came home with his friend after school, but this was not something the mother had expected. So the woman sent a message to the friend's mother and I asked her if she was okay with her kid being there and what time she would pick him up. "She asked if he could stay until 10pm. I serve dinner around 8pm, so I said he could stay and have dinner with us," explained the mother.

"Given my origins, I cook mostly Indian dishes, because that's what I've learned to prepare. My son told me his friend was picky and asked if I could make him something else," continued the woman. The mother explained that in "emergency" cases like these, she keeps frozen chicken nuggets and chips in the freezer, to please the friends of her son when they pop around. In fact, the child seemed satisfied with the dinner and after the meal, he went off to play with his friend. Shortly after 9.00 pm, the child's mother showed up to take him back home.

"Later I got a message from the kid's mother asking why I had fed her son frozen food when I had cooked a "proper" dinner for everyone else. I explained that my son said he wouldn't eat what I had prepared. She replied that I should have prepared something for him too instead of just resorting to frozen food. " The woman, annoyed by the mother's attitude, stressed that she had looked after her son for free and without any advance notice and that her son had chosen not to eat what others had eaten.

"I went on to say that when I was little, my mother never offered an alternatives to what was being prepared, so he's lucky that I catered to him. She told me that she would no longer allow her son to visit people who mistreat children." Struck by these strong words from the kid's mother, the Indian woman then asked the web for advice to determine if she was in the wrong.

Reddit users have fully supported her: "I guess I must be someone who mistreats children because my children eat packaged and frozen food at least twice a week," commented one user. "Many mothers of my children's friends think that because I am a stay-at-home mom, I can host them whenever they want," wrote another. "I'm sorry for that child. His mother will alienate him from all his friends with this bizarre, entitled behavior," noted a third. What do you think?

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