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20 children who suddenly fell asleep…
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20 children who suddenly fell asleep in the most incredible positions


Children are spontaneous, authentic, genuine, and always ready to express themselves in any environment and situation, without worrying about appearances.

In fact, when they are very tired, they have no problem with falling asleep wherever they happen to be, and that really does mean anywhere!

This is the case for the children in these images who have managed to take a nap and sleep in the most uncomfortable positions and places that one can imagine ... Yet it seems that obviously for them their sleeping positions are not a problem at all! As a matter of fact, just look at how blissfully they are sleeping!

Playing with your favorite stuffed toy rabbit and suddenly ...

Obviously, that slice of bread was really soft and comfortable!

image: tapety.tja.pl

While out shopping with Mom ...

image: pbs

A group of youngsters in various sleeping positions!

image: imgkid.com

Almost didn't even make it to the sofa in time!

image: jennlebow

Doing stretching exercises while sleeping

Waiting for Santa Claus ...


Just being together is enough, lying in a comfortable position is totally secondary!

Who would have said that two chairs can make a bed?

image: zseek

In a precarious equilibrium ...

Like father like son ...

image: anekdotov.net

As he was playing hide-and-seek he lost track of the time ...

image: infortain

Tired out from traveling ... Luckily there are trolleys!

image: huffpost

Sleeping after binging on blackberry jam ...

image: famme.nl

Sleeping on the floor, a classic of those who still have not succumbed to the rules of society.

image: flickr.com

An obsolete but custom-made sleeping spot

And even when you are on the toilet, sleep can surprise you and deliver a knockout!

image: Source

And their poor four-legged friends must endure this ...

... But parents are not spared either!

image: pinterest.com
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