23 broken objects that have become small…
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23 broken objects that have become small works of art thanks to some clever hacks!

November 21, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Nowadays, we are used to immediately replacing any object that is about to break!

Or if a ceramic plate has cracks or the new iPhone has fallen and the back is ruined, we are immediately ready to buy new ones or pay a lot of money to repair them when it is not even necessary! 

If you look at this photo gallery you will notice how it is possible to have a creative idea for any object that is readily or easily broken, thereby, transforming a defect into a small work of art.  Just observe the possibilities ...

A broken ceramic dish becomes once again brand new by using pieces of old DVDs.

image: meandmydiy

Very noticeable damage to a car door is transformed into a scenic painting!

image: safralex

Broken clay flower pots and jars can take on a new aspect and become a miniature garden.

image: Badlay

A child's crayon or marker scribble on a wall turns into a wonderful mural.

image: jerschneid

If part of your home wall is coming down just buy Lego in quantity ...

image: Jan Vormann

A big and highly visible hole in the wall? It magically becomes a contemporary artwork, with even a plaque commemorating the day it was created!

image: Rwolinski

A ripped and torn corner on a couch magically gets repaired with the help of some imagination and a crocheted motif!

image: Katrin Joonas

Another hole in the wall, this time bigger, so it becomes the Ninja Turtle's den!

image: Katrin Joonas

The broken handle of a cup is embellished with a floral motif, making it even better looking than the original.

image: Katrin Joonas

Small cracks in the walls can be repaired and transformed into lovely crystal rock installations.

image: Paige Smith

A chair lacking some of its fundamental parts becomes a work of art that combines wood and glass!

A long crack in the garden wall lends itself to serving as a trail for a nomadic tribe!

image: zondag

The ruined heels of a pair of elegant shoes become even more chic with the addition of glitter!

image: WobiSobi

An actual hole next to the car trunk is transformed into a work of art.

image: Jim Bachor

Roads full of potholes are repaired with fully-developed and complete mosaics! Impressive, indeed!

image: Jim Bachor

Missing parts of walls can be replaced with "culture"!

Unpaved spaces and holes in the street become places where you can find and leave doodles and floral motifs.

image: NeSpoon PL

An unsightly crack in a white door becomes the perfect place to attach a large photo of Jack Nicholson as seen in the horror movie "Shining".

image: oakoak

The broken rear glass panel of an iPhone can be transformed into a multi-colored panel to be envied!

Use your imagination and give the patches on your jeans strange and funny shapes.

image: Lauren

Old PCs that are missing some parts are "completed" by using the old favorite solution....a Lego man.... who in this case holds up the graphics card!

A cracked mirror can be reshaped to become more elegant than before thanks to an ingenious DIY hack.

And finally, an old couch that has been ripped and ruined in several places becomes a piece of furniture that is out of the ordinary thanks to crocheted motifs!

image: Amy Gross
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