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If you wonder why women live longer…
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If you wonder why women live longer than men you should take a look at these photos ...

November 17, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Since the end of the nineteenth century, statistics show that women have started to live longer than men.

What is the cause is not yet known exactly, but we think that if most men, at least once in their lifetime, have had some of the diabolically dangerous ideas like those we will show you shortly ---  then it does not surprise us at all that women live longer!

Here are some photos that are astonishing because it does not seem true that these men, friends or workers could, of their own spontaneous free will, risk life and limb in such dangerous situations.

Here's how to risk your life in an original way!

That ladder is very delicately balanced ...


When a man decides to do something, nothing and no one can stop him ... not even good sense!

Looking at this picture gives you the chills only at the thought of what could have happened ...

This ladder is not stable even with two men trying to hold it up!


So if more men are involved in a crazy idea, then that makes it better?

We really hope it is not as it seems ...


When you talk about being "between life and death".

The woman on the left seems to be worried about the situation!


This must be a case, where he felt forced by the excessive heat (not that there is any justification for this action!)

Do you have any idea how dangerous this is?

Hmmm ... how did he ever get on top of those three paint cans?!

The edge of a balcony is never a good place to put a ladder ...

This is what happens when you would do anything for a little shade in the middle of the summer. Here is a "brilliant" idea!

And when you have to work in a pool ...

Why stop with one ladder? Just connect one to another, and then another, and another ...

Who knows what he's got in mind ...

If you are in the gym and you accept a dare, maybe to impress a girl, here is when an accident is sure to happen!

Moving house ... DIY?

This is beyond belief!

Even trolley transport can give rise to situations that are out of this world!

Only a temporary accommodation ...

If you have a job to do, a real man does not hesitate ...

... No matter what! Where there is a will, there is a way!


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