If you wonder why women live longer than men you should take a look at these photos ...

Since the end of the nineteenth century, statistics show that women have started to live longer than men. What is the cause is not yet known exactly, but we think that if most men, at least once in their…

He mounts a gigantic backyard swing -- look what it can do . . . Wow!

If you love to browse and scour the various channels on Youtube then perhaps you already know about the adventures of Colin Furze, an English all-rounder with more than 3 million followers. In one of…

This driver can't believe his eyes: look how this family is traveling ... Wow!

Probably many of you will have chills in seeing this funny yet incredible scene. It seems that in India the means of transport are much more "spacious" of those in the rest of the world. On a motorcycle…
Follies Wtf

Two boys are approached by a shark but luckily they're not his prey !

On the coasts of the city of Destin, Florida, what appears to be a large hammerhead shark approaches the beach while 2 people are swimming. The alarm was immediately launched, but soon after it was clear…

They have to load a vehicle on a ship: this EPIC video will keep you on the edge of your chair

In this marina there seems to be someone who has a real taste for risky operations. Having to load a vehicle of this ship in fact, the operators decide to use a plank: what happens next will attract the…
Follies Wtf

2 guys climb on top of a skyscraper: this is SCARY !

The insane act of the two guys in this video will scare even the most experienced climbers. This time their attention is towards a financial building, still under construction, located in Shenzhen, China:…
Follies Wtf

Here's what happens when you mess with a tornado!

The absurd "mission" of this guy to take a picture inside the tornado ends in the only way possible: you can't challenge the power of nature, unless you are willing to risk your life for a selfie.
Follies Wtf

This guy must be insane crossing a road like this !

Great skill worthy of Mission Impossible, we have to admit it. Fortunately it ends well for this crazy guy and for the unlucky motorists who have become his "play ground".

This man takes his car out of the garage but a few seconds later it's HELL !!

From we can see in the video, it's clearly not a good time for a ride in the car in Bashkortostan (Russia). As soon as the driver pulls the car out of the garage, a powerfull tornado starts, destroying…

Have you ever seen anyone feed a crocodile as if it was a dog?

This fearless Costa Rican boy must have a deep knowledge of crocodiles and their movements, since no one would be so foolish to do something like this.

The craziest driving you've ever seen: pure MADNESS!

Enjoy the reckless racing through the streets of Ensenada (Mexico) with his crazy BJ Baldwin Trophy Truck.

If you're in the mood for a great show, don't miss this extreme sport for real ninjas!!

A compilation of incredible trampoline jumps signed by the great Christophe Hamel...This is AMAZING!

This view will make you scream as much as the girls in the video

Enjoy a quick tour and far from painless ride of the Sky Scream roller coaster in the amusement Holiday Park in Germany.

A common woman's bicycle becomes the most dangerous bike ever made !

These guys must be super crazy to turn an ordinary bicycle for women in one of the most dangerous that has ever existed. You can see the vibrations of the structure that is actually on the verge of breaking.

This Helicopter jump must be a scary, but crazy experience !!

Even just looking at the video you can't escape the thrill that these people must have felt, when hanging from the helicopter. Immediately after the jump, however, the scare is replaced by the spectacular…

What absurd purpose can push a man in the heart of an exploding volcano?

There is no need to emphasize that the mouth of a volcano in eruption is a place from which stay clear. But not everyone thinks the same way. Sam Cossman is the reckless hero who decides to leave the…
Follies GoPro Nature

One of the most absurd and dangerous situations you've ever seen

The people around the runway of the airport of Skiathos, Greece, seem to enjoy the thrill of hearing a huge mass of metal move a few feet from their head and to be thrown away by the jetblast. Along Princess…
Curious Follies Planes Wtf

It doesn't seem possible that someone could pass unharmed a path like this!

The champion Claudio Caluori back in the bike for a crazy downhill on the winding path of the Mont Sainte Anne, Canada; despite a fall mainly due to heavy rains, he gives us one of the most exciting video…

The very steep downhill on mountain bike

The champion Kelly McGarry goes through slopes, steps and ramps in a dizzying descent during the Taxco Urban Downhill race in Mexico.
Downhill Follies Wtf

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