At 36 years of age, this woman is covered in tattoos: "I regret it every day"

by Mark Bennett

June 13, 2023

At 36 years of age, this woman is covered in tattoos: "I regret it every day"

Being young brings with it innumerable advantages: the possibility of choosing one's own future, the good fortune of trying many beautiful "first" experiences as well as the energy to do many things. However, being young, having a good physique and a wide range of choices doesn't mean we always make the right decisions for ourselves..

The woman who is the subject of this story is no longer a "little girl" even though she is still quite young, but she already regrets one of the choices she made when she was a teenager: to cover her body with tattoos.

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This woman's name is Sara, 36, and she is an online digital content creator. When she was 18, she got her first tattoo and she continued to more over the next 10 years. As a result, Sara's body is "heavily" tattooed: half of her throat, shoulders, chest, ribs, arms and thighs are almost completely covered.

Sara told her story in one of her videos uploaded to social media: "It's not so much the number of tattoos I have that makes me regret it. It's more the style they depict: I no longer feel reflect what I am now. Most of the tattoos I got were at a "darker" time in my life (and they reflect this). I was still growing up and was far from being the adult woman I am now."

Consequently, Sara issued this warning to her followers: "Think very carefully about what you decide to tattoo on your skin", and she shows her followers an example of what she means.


"Try to imagine yourself wearing a t-shirt - one that you loved and bought yourself when you were 20. But now you are forced to wear it for the rest of your life, even if your tastes have completely changed!"

And it's true that one can change a lot over the years: one gets older, gains experience, matures. "I think if I asked anyone over 30 if they are the same person they were at 20, most of them would say, hell no!" she added.

“The tattoo I regret the most is the one I have on my left thigh: the 'Grim Reaper' holding a scythe while on horseback. This particular tattoo 'conflicts with the ideas I now have of femininity, beauty and elegance," Sara confessed.

But many users took umbrage to Sara's post.

"It's because you're into fashion, you are only worried about your looks: you're influenced by superficial look/trend factors, otherwise you wouldn't feel like this," one user pointed out. “I like to think of my tattoos as 'time capsules' – a part of me that records my personal journey through life," said another user.

But there are also those who confessed to also regretting getting tattoos when they were young and "unstable": "I'm 29 and I got heavily tattooed when I was younger. I certainly regret most of the tattoos I have. And I wish I had not had them done in such vivid and gaudy colors,” said one user. “My husband has his ex-girlfriend tattooed on his arm - talk about a rash decision…” , wrote another.

In short, a tattoo can represent a form of expression and some are truly unique artworks, but it is still a practice that "brands" one for life and is best considered carefully. What do you think about this?