An illustrator uses funny cartoons to show the reality of what it means to become a mom -
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An illustrator uses funny cartoons to…
She had been her babysitter for only two weeks; this girl's gesture has moved the world Her skin is so incredibly dark that she has been nicknamed the

An illustrator uses funny cartoons to show the reality of what it means to become a mom

October 25, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Becoming a mom is the beginning of an adventure where there is no looking back, when you can feel alone and misunderstood, where you learn to reorganize all of your priorities, and when necessary, to laugh a little at yourself.

It is certainly a time for irony and the illustrator Nathalie Jomard, is here to show you why, with her hilarious illustrations that describe what happens in a woman's life when a child is born!

You will never forget the first time you breastfed your baby-piranha ...

Going to the bathroom will no longer be a private matter. For a long time.


The last few weeks can be the most difficult.

Keeping the right attitude even in the most embarrassing situations. Yes, a mother learns to do this as well.

At a certain point ... anything is worth trying!


Your child always wants you for him or herself, but you have accumulated months and months of exhaustion.

All the comfort of a double bed, some intimacy with your partner ... Sorry, but what are you talking about?


The chaos that the presence of a child can create has no equal.

After a while, you realize that none of your personal items will ever be safe.


And your needs will always be second to your child's needs.

You will become an even more expert equilibrist.

Protection from the sun will never be enough!

Between pregnancy and postpartum you may not recognize yourself anymore.

And all your efforts to speed up a natural progression can take a different turn.

Do we want to talk about trying to get a child to eat their vegetables?

Putting on your shoes and applying nail polish on your toes --- at some point it will become a lost battle.

You will find yourself also eating things you detest, just to be a good example for your child.

Your multi-tasking skills will touch levels you did not believe were possible.

Objects will end up in the most unimaginable places.

Towards the end of your pregnancy, you will feel like a human hot-air balloon.

The death of their first pet will be a tough moment for everyone.

Your authority and self-confidence will be put to the test on many occasions.

You will forget that once you did not even know how to change a diaper!

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