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What a child can do in a few seconds…
What can make going to a barber or beauty salon dangerous? The perfect

What a child can do in a few seconds is astounding!

September 27, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

You know how it is, just a moment of distraction and the little ones at home are able to make a complete mess of anything they get their hands on.... and then to lie shamelessly about their naughty conduct!

It is also for this reason that when there is a child in the house, the saying "silence is golden", definitely, loses its original meaning! As a matter of fact, when there is silence in the house, you can be almost certain that trouble is brewing!

When it comes to pranks that are not dangerous, however, the best thing we can do is laugh about it and take a photo to remember the incident!

Black spots and white spaces? Naturally, according to the logic of this child, the dog MUST be colored.

My neighbor asked for help after his wife had gone out ...

image: LLL

Children are our future.

When you realize that the silence has lasted far too long in the other room.

image: PM_ME_UR_ARSE

Wait, mom, just let me explain ...


But wasn't this a puzzle?

My son and a whole jar of jam!


Pet animals are always among the first victims.

image: teammikey

Two seconds, I swear --- I was only gone two seconds ...

image: B0Bi0iB0B

"I love you daddy, I love you mummy "... I wonder what these parents think about this way of expressing love?! 🤣

image: reddit.com

Can you give yourself a bath alone? Yes, Mom!

image: mikeleeorg

My granddaughter wanted to play with my dog.

image: m1ssmurd3r

Now, that's where the little brat should stay!

image: imgur.com

Something very big has just exploded ...

For her, this is just a little mud ...

My daughter has a talent for decorating ...

image: spotsister

Why are you staring?

Now watching TV will be a pleasure ...

A painting canvas?

It was the dog!

image: poppzE

Somebody, please ... help this dog!

image: loflir10

After a grueling day unwrapping and tasting lollipops --- it's time to take a nice nap.

image: mommyboss

When Mom asks her older son to take care of his baby brother ...

Yes! I LOVE my little sister!

Hey, mom, this is the most fun game we have at home!

Thank you, my dear children.

Pure love.

image: imgur.com

Woodfire ash is like sand at the beach, right?

Our children woke up early this morning --- they wanted to help us paint the basement!

image: kimos

Thank you, mom and dad, the cake was fantastic!

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