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Unbelievable things that happen only…
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Unbelievable things that happen only ... on the subway!

September 24, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

One of the things that characterize big cities is the presence of infrastructures such as subways, an efficient means of public transport that connects neighborhoods, people, and lifestyles.

It is often on the subway cars, in fact, that there is an agglomeration of the most curious and diverse people that one can imagine.

Those who frequently and boldly use the subway in the world's largest metropolises, in particular, are often the ones that guarantee the most absurd and funny scenes, just like those immortalized by these captured images.

The little baby girl had begun to cry and so the street artist started playing just for her!

Riding on the subway with a crow. Yeah, sure, something you see every day ...

image: bachus2015

The text on the tote bag reads: "This text has no other purpose than to spread terror in the hearts of those who are afraid of the Arabic language."

image: Nader Alsarras

Here it looks like things are about to get ugly ...

image: beavis420

Clearly, these two have something in mind ...

image: imgur.com

Um ... Aren't we exaggerating a little?

image: Moomasterq

In the subway with .... a hamster on a leash. Unmistakably.


The New York metro prohibits the transport of dogs that are not small enough to be fitted into a bag and carried ...

image: dev_maxpayne

Traveling with Gandalf (or Magneto, you can decide).

image: trick26

One pulls out the whiskey, the other the sparkling wine and this was how two strangers toasted each other on the subway!

This is also a clear example of a small dog ...

image: strangetitss

You should never get behind with your work!

image: sifarat

The subway seats are uncomfortable so ...

image: echoch

What better time to play a little...on your harp?

Also in London, the subway (underground) passengers do not play around!

image: alexbstamp

Meanwhile in the subways of Moscow ...

image: Loftz0r

A real man or a piece of plastic? ...

image: reddit.com

By boarding this subway car, I immediately traveled 20 years in the future and I met an aging Obama!

image: dannyb21892

This is called harassing your neighbor ...

What a sweet little family!

image: caseydonahue

Pika-pi, Pikachu !!!

Sometimes I forget that I live in Asia. But then I take the subway and immediately everything becomes clear to me!

image: dcoreys

"How to get to know a woman in the subway". Here is how to put into practice what the book suggests!

image: ajt24

In the New York subway, any and everything can happen!

image: boubah360

Well....why not...?

Passing through the turnstiles will not be easy!

image: andreouc3000

What a delightful traveling companion!

image: MXXD
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