Unbelievable things that happen only ... on the subway!

One of the things that characterize big cities is the presence of infrastructures such as subways, an efficient means of public transport that connects neighborhoods, people, and lifestyles. It is often…
Absurd Funny Subway

What's good for the goose is good for the gander! :))

You never know what can happen when a street artist begins performing while riding in a subway car. In fact, in Madrid, a group of girls stole the show from a young male singer and the scenario that…
Funny Seniors Subway

Watch your step at this New York subway station!

The 36th Street subway station stop in New York has a special feature that makes it different from any other. This difference can only be detected when people climb up the subway staircase that brings…

As soon as they get on the tube, they understand that this trip will be a SPECIAL one !

When traveling on the subway the sentiment that prevails among the passengers is definitely indifference. Usually in fact you tend to avoid to even make eye contact with the people around, and of course…

You sure the underground is the fastest way around? Not in London !

Usually we tend to think of the underground as a quick means of transport due to the absence of traffic. With this video, however, a guy wants to refute this cliché: he exits the station "Mansion House"…
London Subway Wtf

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