This little baby will not be playing with THIS TOY anytime soon! -
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This little baby will not be playing…
Amazingly quick and easy kitchen hacks! What is the color of joy? Maybe this boy can tell us!

This little baby will not be playing with THIS TOY anytime soon!


Do you think that for a child to be entertained any game will do just as well as any other? 

Well, you are wrong! Even the smallest babies have their own tastes and what can please one child is not guaranteed to do the same for another. In fact, just look at the reaction of this child in front of a nice rubbery monster!

At first, it seems like the baby cannot wait to touch the strange material, but when it does ... the baby seems almost like it has received an electrical shock  --- and its behavior and expression changes to those of fright and horror!

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April 06, 2014

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