You can save a life by NOT buying a purebred animal! -
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You can save a life by NOT buying a…
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You can save a life by NOT buying a purebred animal!

January 24, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

For many associations devoted to giving refuge to abandoned animals, one of the most important activities to be pursued is to increase public awareness in regards to adoption.

Sometimes public awareness campaigns are financed by companies that have a certain business interest, but that at least they try to help by contributing in a practical way to the maintenance of these shelters. Such a company is HOWND, a brand that sells products for dogs but, for every product sold, donates 50 cents to animal refugee associations of this type.

Recently, to convince people to adopt an abandoned dog instead of buying a purebred dog, they have created a commercial that shows in a simple but at the same time very touching way, what it means to adopt a dog and how this choice can change our lives.

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