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The right words can open minds ... and hearts!

This short film entitled "The Power of Words" was produced by the Purplefeather agency and directed by Seth Gardner. The story is an invitation to reflect on the difference one small gesture can make…

EATKRAUS ---Dare to dream -- Dare to Succeed!

Being able to make a dream come true may require patience and a huge amount of work, especially if you are not lucky enough to be around people who encourage and support you.  Nevertheless, when you…

You can save a life by NOT buying a purebred animal!

For many associations devoted to giving refuge to abandoned animals, one of the most important activities to be pursued is to increase public awareness in regards to adoption. Sometimes public awareness…

Japanese workers get the job done quickly and well!

When the Japanese want to prove something they do with the facts! Perhaps this is due to their great dedication to work or that their martial art philosophies are also reflected in their everyday life.…

Addicted to posting images of food? --- this video makes you smile ... and think!

The most successful publicity stunts are those that manage to engage our curiosity and to keep us glued to the spot to watch until the end. Sometimes the ending disappoints but other times, when we finally…

What happens to this girl makes us reflect . . . and touches our hearts.

A girl has to reach her boyfriend who is leaving town, and she does not have much time to do it, plus the fear of not arriving in time puts her in even greater turmoil. On the way, she encounters many…

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